21Savage - Red Dot

21Savage – Red Dot

21 سوج – نقطه قرمز

Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?
Big knots get a nigga Xd out
Bitch, I’m rich, I’m tryna fuck on every thot
Bitch, I’m rich, I’m tryna beat your neck out
Savage got the .40 with the red dot
Savage made a quarter mil’ off “Red Opps”
Yeah, nigga, I ain’t never filled out a job app’
Your favorite rapper keyboard, I swear that nigga all cap
All my niggas real fans, all of ’em all clap
21 Savage, I be hangin’ where the check be
I don’t want the pussy, lil’ bitch, just neck me
Bitch, you tryna screenshot a nigga, don’t text me
I don’t wanna be your boyfriend, I’m your bestie, yeah, yeah
Spend a whole lot of bills, nigga, yeah, yeah
House all in the hills, nigga, yeah, yeah
Suck that dick until it spill, baby, yeah, yeah
I get nasty, I’m ill, baby, yeah, yeah
Diamonds on me real big, yeah, yeah
I put a 30 on a SIG, yeah, yeah
Balenciagas on my kids, yeah, yeah
I’m doing donuts in the 6, yeah, yeah
Got a stick with a knife, don’t get chopped up
Carbon with the silencer, make a nigga silence ya
Oh, you think you tough because you run around on that Molly, huh
I ain’t even gonna acknowledge ya
All my niggas bodied up

21Savage – Red Dot

Ran up a bag then I went and bought a Rari
If I hurt your feelings, my bad, I’m sorry
Got a lot of choppers, I ain’t talking ’bout no Harleys
Slaughter Gang, nigga, we just shot up the party
I’ma let the diamonds talk for me, yeah
Make a model bitch walk for me, yeah
You better swallow, bitch, don’t act bougie
You better not act like you don’t see your friend choosing
All that ass, bitch, let a nigga squeeze it
This hard work, bitch, pimpin’ ain’t easy
I buy bitches new cars all season
I spoil all my hoes for no reason

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