Sleeping Pulse – The Blind Lead the Blind

اسلیپینگ پولس – کورها کورها را هدایت می کنند

There was an idiot outside who couldn′t cut it but he tried
To curry favour with a child by being morally awry
Behind the cover of a screen and many thousand miles between
He was a ‘cowboy′ by decree and I’m still laughing at the irony
Of what else that means

The blind lead the blind, eyes closed, hands tied
Give the order to fire, start a war you can’t survive

And she revealed her colours much too soon

So enter daddy on the scene with fat fingers on the keys
He could′ve stopped it all right there but he was too blind to see
See past his ego or his pride, too used to being on the righteous side
He couldn′t stomach being wrong so just pretended to be right
And covered his eyes

The blind lead the blind, typing contracts from juvenile minds
The blind lead the blind, round in circles with schoolboy lies
The blind lead the blind, tell an Eskimo snow isn’t white
The blind lead the blind.

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