Chinx (OS) – Secrets Not Safe

چینکس (او اس) – اسرار امن نیست

Clap it, them man are still online capping
Bro, since when was everyone active? (Since when?)
S and Blitz got bined, they were lacking (Bow, bow)
Armed Response got splashed, he was lacking (Ching)
2Smokeyy got splashed, he was lacking (Ching)
I heard I got splashed in the chest
But I don’t recall that that’s how it happened (Nah)
I turned up on every opp block in Camden (Facts)
That’s facts, but I ain’t gonna get into detail (No)
Fuck all the cap, them man just chat like femalеs (Chatty)
No, we ain’t into the verbal abusе
Just send man corn, won’t send man an email (Bow, bow)
Gave bro rack in 5 to go buy sweets for the .9 ‘cah we need bells (‘Cah it’s frying)
Pull up on opps when it’s that time
But I don’t know where them man hide (I don’t know)
And you know Blitz got bun in the back (Bap, bap)
So I don’t know how he can back bite (Bap, bap)
Sad guy, never seen 2Smokeyy in the flesh
Broski cheffed it, no, he got splashed twice (Ching, ching)
And I beat corn at Broadday
But you know the pussio ran when I saw him at night (Haha), some pussy

Opp block, it’s a one way entrance
Stuff that dots, rev up the engine (Skrr, skrr)
‘Cause I don’t know how my name gets mentioned
Stupid kids still craving attention
Got eight for the hammer, I ate that sentence (I ate that)
No more gates and fences
Skrr in the estate, left it with red tape (Skrr, skrr)
Quickly, we gotta make way for the exit (Turn)
Ay, broski, wait there one sec (Wait)
You know the same mash that I showed Suspect
Was the same mash that Blitz got bun with
Hold up, I’m gonna leave somebody upset (Ah, fuck)
I’m gonna have man fuming
He was with me putting loud on a Blue Slim
After he heard that Blitz got wounded
S got bun, he was loosing (Bow, bow)
Reverse that whip, confused him
They ain’t ever wheeled up a booting (Boom)
Didn’t hit man clean, he was moving
Beat at the crowd, I ain’t picking and choosing (No, no)
Leave man red, but you know it’s a blue ting (Bluuwuu)
I don’t know none of these new kids
Tell little man “Don’t mix up the road and the music” (Don’t do it)
Ask Sus if he’s seen that smoke
Ask TScam if he’s seen that smoke (Bap)
Go ask S if he felt that smoke (Bap, bap)
Go ask Blitz if he felt that smoke (Bap, bap)
Nails in the hammer, this ain’t no joke (No)
Tap it and tape that road (Tape it)
How you link me after two of your mates got smoked?
It seems like you ain’t that close (That’s ments)
How many times has Sus been jail and he came out broke? (Facts)
I bought man clothes and I gave man dough (Facts)
I just wanna make man know
Anytime the gang came round on volts
We had man dashin’ in Agar Grove (Skrr, skrr)
Still fill up man’s face with stones (Fill it)
AM, but the case got closed (Got done)
You know

سبد خرید شما
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