D38 & Tim & Barry – D38 – No Miming

د38 (تیم – باری) – بدون تقلید

Yo, yo, bap, bap
It’s like fuck all the verbal, still (fuck it)
Done it for my GBG’s and anything goes for my boys on the ville (anything goes)
And shit changed, I don’t even look at the price on the till (nah)
I went low and Y8 had me, I didn’t even ask, so you know the love’s real (yeah, yeah)
Good melanin from my adrenaline, but I still drill, so I can’t fulfil (I can’t)
It’s a shame you can’t say the same ‘cah you’re at home doin’ netflix and chill (ah)
Bro got scratched and it had us all gassed, but you know I couldn’t leave that shit at one nil (no way)
I had to bleach that down to the handle, I really had my one lookin’ all i’ll
No Tim & Barry, I ain’t doin’ no mimin’, tryna get straight to the wavin’, hello (woi, woi, woi)
If not, I’ll reach into my poket, watch this beat like 808 melo (grrt, bap)
Really had trust in this brown skin ting ‘cah my days are done with gyal, that’s yellow (done)
And trust these shots ain’t syrup, I just hope one falls like echo (right now)
EBK, it’s D38, just know what you’re sayin’ to me (know what you’re sayin’)
Or maybe, or maybe it’s make-belief
‘Cah the cap in your raps not comprehendin’, it can’t be me or the G’s (rap cap)
Remember when I linked eyes with shh? he couldn’t believe (he knows)
I’ve got the drive, but my name ain’t Steve (skrrt, skrrt skrrt, skrrt)
Pullin’ up now, tryna stop blood circuits, better give thanks if you still can breathe (pull up)
Feeling like YNW 30, murder on my mind (Ah), no words for the beef (ah)
Still opp diddy bop like Dezzie (yes), do it on my one’s in my 23’s (yes)
Hours in the day, there’s twenty-four, majority of that man’s chasin’ P’s (majority)
Don’t say that you got me, you ain’t got me
It don’t make sense, stop lyin’ to me (ah)
Half aren’t familiar with my block, so how can they say it’s us that they beef? neeks (how?)
You don’t wanna get yourself hit, stay in your lane or get crashed for free
ADO, but I’m with my CG’s (grrt, baow)
You know the ting
Respect for you or respect cursely
Yeah, fuck all the verbal, man
Free the G’s

سبد خرید شما
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