Eletto – Sugar Crash

التو – شوگر کراش

I aint got no cash
Maybe I should take a bath
Cut my brain in half
I’m not lonely just a bit
Tired of this shit
Nothing that I write can make me
Feel good
Victim of the great machine
In love with everything I see
Neon lights surrounding me
I indulge in luxury
Everything I do is wrong
‘Cept for when I hit the bong
Hit the bong
Hit the b-b-b-b-b
Feel good
Feeling in my
Didn’t take my meds
Hyperpop up in my ears
Everything just disappears
Don’t wanna be someone else
Just don’t wanna hate myself
I just don’t wanna hate myself
Instead I wanna feel good
Where to now?
Got the rest of my life just spread out,
Got the rest of my life to around,
Got the rest of my life to make sound

سبد خرید شما
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