Fumes Ft Chinx (OS) – Fumez The Engineer – Plugged In

فیومز (چینکس) – فیومز د انجنیر – پلاگد این

Aye, you know what time it is (One side, yeah?)
Plugged in
YJay made this
Don’t catch corn in your pumpkin (One side shit, one side shit)
Yeah, serious stuff (Aye, listen), yo
Get in the ride, do it on peds, electric bikes (Let’s go)
Stepped in the game how I stepped in the AG
With a bang and left man petrified (Boop, boop)
Rubbed, they cheffed him twice
I was up in the court, didn’t wear no tie
Pray I didn’t get hit with lengthy time (I pray, I pray)
Couldn’t tell the judge that weapon’s mine
I claimed duress, I lied (I did)
It’s mad how a man gotta step with bine (Boop)
Like I ain’t scared of a second strike
Better that than them tek my life
Fuck that, gotta step and ride (Fuck that)
Aye, I beg man come outside, we’re live
It ain’t no fun when they hide (Aye, come outside)
Gotta drop it ‘cah bro’s got a lot on his mind
The only thing we ain’t droppin’ is pride
Really do things differently, gang get fidgety
Tell you how it started initially
I know man from young, and he was my son
So when he got bun, it was bittersweet (Grr, grr, grr)
After Blitz got smoked like nicotine,
Plenty of time Sus was linkin’ me
Like we was all laughin’ and billin’ weed (Mad)
Call that suspicious activity
Aye, stop it, you’re killin’ me
Who done what? It’s a mystery
Step with a dot-dot, longer than (Boop, boop)
Don’t get caught in the field ‘cah it’s slippery
Won’t make a scene if I see him from far,
Just creep up close and blast (Baow)
Bro try take out his heart
AR down, got cheffed in the heart,
And he couldn’t respond ‘cah he wasn’t armed
Teeth in the darg, woof
I don’t wanna hear ’bout BA ‘cah he shook
Done got burst
How you claim that work when you got my bro in the back of the foot?
He’s a mook (He’s a patty)
Ay, yo, slow down, there’s an opp there, look (Who’s that?)
Them man liars, step with friers
You know AK got cooked (Boop, boop)
Mitch got cheffed and jooked (Boop)
Bang my boots, make man turn puss (Brr)
German coupe make gyal get wet
Spill man’s juice when S got his mango pressed
Bro left with his rambo drenched
Tell you ’bout a time when a man got X’d,
But the boy came back from the dead
1-40, two reps, I ain’t never been splashed in my chest,
Better get it correct (Get that right)
Come through in the broad day beatin’ (Boop, boop)
A few times, I had Broadday speedin’
Once in the daytime, twice in the evenin’ (Runner)
My man knows what it is when I see him (He knows)
Trust them, man know that it’s war (Trust me)
Get the drop then I’m goin’ for sure
Suspect used to ring me and phone me for draws
Tramp, probably still owes me a score (Fuckin’ tramp)
Used to let man slide ‘cah I know that he’s poor
Their man used to beg for a tick (Prick)
You ain’t never had paigons know where you live
So you gotta go home with a stick
Fuck it, man’s still rollin’ equipped, don’t give a shit
Still took smoke to his crib (Shh)
Go back home and roll up a spliff like I don’t even know what I did
(I don’t know)
I don’t know who put that toy in the whizz,
Or put that boy in a rizz (Shh)
Got caught by a fizz, and now, he’s in more than a chizz (He’s pissed)
Now, he’s in more than a pickle, pop the pistol
Don’t need a whistle (Boop, boop)
Stand on the fence
I’ll strangle the skeng and get down all of their man in the middle
(Grr, grr)
Little man slipped, got caught inda rain
Grab sticks and stones, get thrown at his brain (Whoosh)
Still get a thrill when I tour estates
Bags and bodies, they saw red tape
That was his final moments, bro got down his opponents (I done it)
I flew there fast, forgot my mask, dodged that case,
Didn’t care ’bout COVID
Dodged that case, didn’t care about (What?)
Still gotta glide on license (Live)
Still gotta pick up the line to my lifers
Still gotta tell man, “Freedom’s Priceless” (Facts)
Back then, bro was in ISIS
I was in Belmarsh, pushin’ out packs for decent prices
Tell man, “I ain’t increasin’ sizes”
Man can’t afford it, you know where the rice is
You ain’t never seen 20 bags in fivers (You haven’t)
Never cheffed someone so bait on the landin’
The Govs had to make me high risk
Go on a glide, better leave your devices
Better not bring that along, that’s stupid
Nasty knifings, brilliant bootings
No, I ain’t pickin’ or choosin’ (No)
Leave man red, but you know it’s a— (What?)
You know it’s a blue ting (Blu-woo)
Better get with the movement
Just stepped in the shop, he’s a nuisance
Back that blade, just juiced him (Tsh, tsh, tsh)
I ain’t got nuttin’ to prove it (No)
I’m outside with the dons that do this
Rise them shotties, spinners, Lugers (Grr, grr)
Knife him, bodies, did him, gruesome
That’s another yute in my blue slim
YJay made this
Fumez The Engineer

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