Lil Baby Ft Future – From Now On

لیل بیبی (فیوچر) – از این به بعد

Yeah, FaceTime, we still talk in codes
I think the feds on every iPhone
No more Polo t-shirts
Put that shit on everyday from now on
Switchin’ up my image, no more pictures with my Styrofoam
Why the fuck I keep buyin’ these houses if I’m never home?
I’m with gang, they never wrong
Supermodels, I’m steppin’ on ’em
Search for what? My weapon on me
Buy three, four bags at one time
Treat the condo like a trap house
Other spot, a baby compound
Bad bitches get the run-around
Bruh a track star, he run shit down
I made this shit half of a one pound
I told bro ‘nem, “One band, one sound”
She like, “Fuck the club, let’s stay in”
Now she gotta get new tape-ins
Pockets too big, they can’t never belittle me
Bae, I’m a hell of a nigga
Ain’t with the arguin’, what’s your dilemma?
I buy Achilles, the real one
How you the hero but stay with some villains?
I ain’t gon’ switch on my niggas them
I run the game like I’m born with the ball
Youngin’ ain’t corny at all
Five-foot-nine, but I ain’t that small
Feel like I’m seven feet tall
Bro ain’t stop, he just on pause
He comin’ trim when I call him
On FaceTime, we still talk in codes
I think the feds on every iPhone
No more Polo T-Shirts
Put that shit on everyday from now on
Get millions of dollars, walkin’ in Prada, drinkin’ out Styrofoam (Pluto)
Gotta talk in code when you on FaceTime, like the feds on the phone (oh)
Live a billionaire lifestyle, but I still give beats to your door
Lil’ one got the stick, ready to go blitz, lil’ one stay on go
Flatline a nigga, one call, pull the pounds up in U-Hauls (ooh)
Dodgin’ a life sentence, poppin’ all the shit I talk
I done piped up another nigga bitch, I’m too rich, my fault
I just alley-ooped a ho to my dawg, he just slam dunked her (a hundred)
Ballin’ like ‘Bron, but now I’m startin’ to feel like Messiah (‘Siah)
Codeine drinkin’, but I swear the money get me higher (higher)
Just told the judge I’m on pills, my mansion got marble (marble)
Charge a M for a show, still’ll sell a bale to you tomorrow
Facetime, we still talk in codes
I think the feds on every iPhone
No more Polo T-Shirts
Put that shit on everyday from now on
Everybody can fold but I won’t, everybody want it but I don’t
I make niggas follow and I lead, I make bitches cum, then I leave
Virgil Maybach be so sweet, we just get ’em, ain’t no beef
You can get her back, I can’t keep her
We be gettin’, shh, that’s our secret
Rappers wanna kick it, can’t reach
You and five of y’all niggas can’t see me
Really sturdy, a wall, nigga, can’t beat me
Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me
Brodie ready to eat for a twenty piece
I ain’t got nothin’ to say to you mini-mes
Ready to buy a lil’ nigga contract
Yeah, yeah, whatever, we on that
Disappearin’ on ’em, they got weird on me, I’m the fallback king
Number one shit, me and King Pluto, that’s a smooth tag team
Gotta live with it, can’t wake up from it, this is not a bad dream
Look how life changed, TVs in the shower, used to steal flatscreens
I know that they listenin’, fuck ’em
Know not to ask me about nothin’
If I ain’t somewhere gettin’ money then I’m fuckin’
Fft-fft, that’s that switch sound
I ain’t goin’ out without a fight, I’ma tell you that shit now
Whatever I get, I’ma share with my brother
That’s how we get down
If you get offended, it is what it is
Bitch, I’m from Atlanta so I gotta snake now

سبد خرید شما
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