Lil Yachty - Something Ether

Lil Yachty – Something Ether

یانگ یاتی – چیزی اتر

Fuck all them folks over there (Huh)
I’m tryna cut your hair (Huh)
I’m tryna beat your mouth (Huh)
I’m tryna geek on meds (What? Let’s go)
I like my bitches delusional (Huh)
It’s ’bout who you is, not who you know (Huh)
Let me splurge on you, bitch, you beautiful (Huh)
I ain’t never work in no cu— (What?)
I ain’t never work in no cubicle (Grr)
The evidence under my foot (Shwoo)
I been steppin’ on shit like a cro— (What?)
I been steppin’ on shit, I’m a crook (Go)
I read that bitch like a book (Hmm)
I’ma bait that bitch with a hook (Hm)
Fuck these niggas, they shook (Facts err, facts)
What the fuck? (Facts)
I been booted, that pussy like peaches (Swoo)

Lil Yachty – Something Ether

I put **** in my Sprite like Idris (Err)
I spent six, sevеn figures on bitches (The fuck?)
I spеnt six, seven figures on— (What? The fuck?)
Keepin’ my cup, ridiculous (Grr)
Keepin’ my dick in a bitch (What?)
Catch him outside and gut (Mhm-hmm)
Catch him outside and blitz (That’s a fact)
Hmm-hmm (Hmm), hmm-hmm (Hmm)
Hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm (Hmm)
Hmm-hmm, hmm, hmm-hmm (Hmm)
Hmm (Hm), hmm (Hm), hmm-hmm (Hm)
Hmm (Hm), hmm (Hm), hmm-hmm (Hm)
Hmm, hmm, hmm (Know what I mean?)
Hmm, hmm, hmm
Who, who (Hm), who (Hm), who? (Hm)
Who, who (Hm), who (Hm), who? (Hm)
Who (Hm), who (Hm), who (Hm), who? (Crete)
Who (Crete), who (Crete), who (Crete), who? (Crete)
Who? (Crete)
Get back (Mhm-hm)
Pussy, I’m poppin’, I’m greasy (Pop it)
I do not wanna gr- **** (Pop it)
When I get there, old, I’m out (Pop it)
I will not switch cliques for nothin’ (Pop it)
My bitch hair braided just like mine (Pop it)
I might buy her a watch like mine (Pop it)
I might buy her a Birkin ’cause she fine (Pop it)
I might buy her a bitch and waste time (Pop it)

اهنگ Lil Yachty – Something Ether

What the fuck? (Pop it)
Okay, I been geekin’, I’m a geeker (Pop it)
I might ride ’round with G.O Latifah (Pop it)
I might bend this bitch over the speaker (Pop it)
I’ma fuck her, that’s somethin’ Ether (What?)
I’ma fuck her, that’s somethin’ player (Pop it)
I’m too rich, I can buy out the mayor (Pop it)
Unless they get to steppin’, then fuck ’em (What?)
Truth be told, we just really don’t care
‘Cause these niggas ain’t on nothin’ (What?)
Nothin’ (What, what?)
At all (What?)
It’s us
Pop it, pop it
Pop it (What?)

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