The Bloom – Wesley Joseph

د بلوم – وسلی جوزف

I′m out here searchin’ for somethin′, searchin’ for somethin’ (ah)
And Lord knows you′re glowin′, Lord knows you’re glowin′ (ah)
Summer passed me by, but I’m still standin′ outside

Wool over my eyes, but you’re glowin′ so, I know where I’m goin’, ooh huh

Drown in my potion (soakin′) walkin′ ’round my ends (strollin′)
Cuttin’ my loose ends, knowin′ I’m sunk in the deep end (throwin′)
Stones at your window sill, (I’m in) something I can feel (I’m in)
Something I can feel and I′ve missed that natural feel

It suited me (when you′re asleep) in those dreams (facin’ the sea)
I can′t leave (until you see) what this could be (oh-oh-yeah)
So, I’m stood outside your room, the same way that I used to do
I made somethin′, you should see the view
We could take something on a trip for two

But nothin’ feel the same way it (used to do, it used to do, it used to do)
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
But I′ll wait for you, stay for you, ’til the flowers bloom

سبد خرید شما
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