Night Lovell - GOLDEN TICKET

Night Lovell – GOLDEN TICKET

نایت لاول – بلیت طلایی

Da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da-da-da, la-da-da-da
I think all the trauma got the best of me (best of me)
What I’m doin’, it don’t make no sense to me (no sense to me)
I feel like shit, and the other feeling’s ecstasy (ecstasy)
I’m fightin’ everything, I wonder how it’s supposed to be (supposed to be)
I got all these cars, but no where to go (got, got)
I got all this money, but nobody to show (got, got)
Bitch, tell me what you with me to get (hold up, hold up)
Since we both bein’ honest, I just want me some head (I just want me)
M.I.A, cookin’ up a masterpiece (I’m cookin’ up)
Cookin’ ’cause I know the fuckin’ recipe (I’m cookin’ up)
Slang dick, ho, I ain’t got no shame to say it (yeah, yeah)
We fucked once, I ain’t nut, ’cause you can’t even take it (can’t even take it)
(Aw, yeah), all these hoes wanna be seen
(Aw, yeah), I’m over it, go suck the team
(Aw, yeah, yeah, yeah), some young niggas winnin’ (yeah)
We ain’t showin’ shit, we just keep shit hidden (yeah, yeah, yeah)
None you niggas ever heard of bamboo linen
It’s a lot of shit you niggas don’t see you missin’ (don’t see)
I don’t see myself ever really bein’ finished
I ain’t comin’ back ’til I get it off my hit-list (yeah, yeah)
Every day damn day, I just get more fed up

Night Lovell – GOLDEN TICKET

Hate it when they try tell me I should keep my head up (head)
You niggas live in peace, you would never stand a chance
You niggas boxed up and you’ll never get ransomed
Load up, cock it, blast ’em, blast ’em
They scared, they run, we slide, catch ’em
All these boys bitches, so they run for cover (bitch)
The cover they gon’ get is the cover when we pack ’em
I got cloudy vision, sometimes I gotta step back (step)
I brought my family everywhere, I put them in my backpack
They askin’ what I did to get me there, you think that I know?
You nigga look for any blueprint that you could follow
Switch it up, cheers (yeah), we in Monte Carlo (with it)
Anything that happens when I’m gone, I’ma find out
Nobody can fool me, you mad, sue me
No money, more problems, that ain’t new to me
These bitches all tryna see the man in the flesh
It’s me, I done built it all bare hands
It’s me, I got the gold ticket, Willy Wonka

دانلود Night Lovell – GOLDEN TICKET

Now I’m runnin’ ’round the fuckin’ world tryna conquer (okay)
Mi bush in-inna mi khani and mec (what’s up?)
Hair plat up mi have on mi visor
Every time mi go a road mi get wiser (MC Renegade)
Trash trasher mandem (yeah)
We job and job and we collect di loot (yeah)
Lucky this time we didn’t shoot, shoot
Now fi split the money fi all a di crew
D-d-don’t give a fuck, do what we have fi do
What do they even have in Monaco
That I can’t offer you?
What do these Monican hoes have?

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