Playboi Carti Ft Travis Scott - Problem Child

(Playboi Carti Ft Travis Scott – Problem Child (Leaked

پلی بوی کارتی (ترویس اسکات) – کودک مشکل (لیک شده)


Don’t put your problems on me
I got my own shit to deal with
Uh, mmh
Uh, Double O, Cactus
Uh, I go crazy every time, Double O, Cac’
Fuck a white bitch, the basic kind, Double O, Cac’
She throw that TEC, she blowin’ minds, hol’ up
Uh, no seatbelts (Ooh), just hittin’ lines, hol’ up (Fuck it, no)
I keep her goin’ for some miles (Woah), hol’ up
Bitch, I’m a problem child (Du-du-du)
Homixide, we goin’ wild (She gon’ suck it), hol’ up
Better keep that whole lot (Ooh)
Uh, Cayenne truck the whole lot, Cayenne (Ha)
Uh, hit this, then I rolled up (Fuck it)
Can’t get no love, I’m heartless (Yeah)
I’m still gon’ fuck her rеgardless (Ayy, shh)
Up top, they made mе a target (Target)
Had a price, the price and a bargain (Target)
And the living room big like department (Yeah)
In the basement, it’s bigger than Carnage (Ayy)

Playboi Carti Ft Travis Scott – Problem Child

In the gardens, so big, I go farm it (Ooh, ayy)
It remind me, this shit never garnish (Let’s go)
I like her lips sealed like my Actavis (Act)
She gon’ pop that shit for real, ain’t no practicin’ (Pew-pew)
I flew that woe right out of London, but she African (Thick)
If I turn up, it’s on purpose, not no accident (It’s lit)
If it’s not about a dollar, fuck a convo
Just popped a Adderall, I got that pronto (Ooh)
Just popped the perky too (Fuck it), yeah, like the Devil does (No)
I shoot to shoot, get you a combo (Du-du-du)
That bitch my favorite, she gon’ suck me in the top zone (Suck it)
I displaced my AP, now I’m wonderin’, “Where my time go?”
I spare my opp (Woo), burn ’em like fronto
Strip club, I make it rain, like fuck a poncho (Strippy)

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