Playboi Carti - MOJO JOJO

(Playboi Carti – MOJO JOJO (leaked

پلی بوی کارتی – موجو جوجو (لیک شده)


You know what I’m sayin’, this that
Five in the morning, motherfucker
No, eight in the morning, motherfucker, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout?
I been feelin’ like this shit all my motherfuckin’ life
You know what I’m sayin’?
I ain’t really worried ’bout nigga out here tryna copy
Shot with the boss
You know what I’m saying
Big baller, big guap
Oh, back in high school, I was wearin’ Polo
Had a white bitch like Julz, but she ain’t a model
We smashin’ on all the hoes, Mojo Jojo
You play with that motherfuckin’ fire, we go loco
I can’t believe my eyes, so I wear Go-Pro
I’m on 285, fuck the po-po
I told your little baddie already, I’m on go-go
Try to play with my top, I hit your soul
Sticks out the window, woah
My arm out the window, ho, woah
Spread it like wings, lil ho, woah
Baby, your winds getting low

Playboi Carti – MOJO JOJO

She’s a different breed, made her my favorite hoe
I got a house everywhere, but I ain’t got a favorite home
Changin’ my moods all day, still tryna find my zone
Still tryna find my home, they still tryna steal my tone
Still tryna steal my bitches, they still tryna steal my clothes
I been like this, woah, since I was in the womb
Flash out, oh my God, he a goon
Flash out, oh my God, he a goon
Flash out, oh my God, he a goon
Stop callin’ my phone like you know me
Ice on my neck, two-hundred thirty
My own pace, not a hurry
She a home team type vibe, tell the bitch come and hurry
Ride the dick like a Harley, rockstar Makaveli
Black bitch, I made her jerk me, fuck it, I’m goin’ three for three
Stay with a Coco Ice-T, bitch, I’m rich as fuck
That’s why everybody being nice to me
You can get next, you can get blessed
Let me check sum’, let me shake sum’

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