❖ Shahmen – The Crow ❖

❖ شامن – د کرو ❖

    آهنگ های مشابه

متن آهنگ

As far as the day goes it ain’t all angels and halos
Soon as the night falls I’ll be back on my angle
One black crow lands on the dining room table
Peckets the last spoils and do the dance of the fiddle
Here’s a champ for the fables
Stamped on the hands that made you
This what happened to the dream that caned you
Be the sons of the one who named you
Don’t be dumb like no one raised you
It took the world just to pull the baby out the girl
And all the smoke has the same old swirl
You were born in the same old curl
Don’t be playing like the story of pearls
It’s glory ofcourse lose the worry and you bury the corpse
And by the end I’ll be blurry and hoarse
Till then I’m purely a force
In the lab with a bag and a torch

The nights are far but the days are here
For myself all alone in the zone wolf make some bead
And let the black ink bleed while I write my piece
And there’s a story to be told in the eyes of me
I’m too tired to sleep I set fire to every liar I see
Crow in a wire couldn’t find him a tree
Only found was a pile of weed
Got high and decided to eat
Now I always got some fire with me
Still a child in the wild with beasts
Who made a style from the Nile of grief
From freestyles till he’s silent in peace
Spin the spiral back to find a release
No I smile
Now I’m crying to sleep
Nowadays I’m just trying to breathe
In a world where the scoundrel is a king
And the kids are just a mouth to feed
It’s past of hope we need alchemy

If you remain strong
There’s no day that the fate is gone
It’s no way I’ll break it all
Shit I may be wrong
But eitherway I’m just pacing on
Became a king as I made my songs
Came from God but the Devil is just the same as all
The only difference is the ways we fall
Read the book and then I made the call
And I ain’t really have to think at all
Thoughts sank and I blazed and coughed
Now I pray to cross the river waist high ready to fall
But my brother is there to grab on my arm
I had a dream I never met him at all
Woke up staring at the mirror on the wall
So clear what I saw it wasn’t me or he was here all along
Shed a tear for the fear that was gone
Instead I’m here and now you’re hearing a song

Crow on a wire couldn’t find him a tree
Only found was a pile of weed

سبد خرید شما
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